Reflexology with Laura Canal in Niagara Falls

Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions, operating out of The Spiritual Spa in Niagara Falls Ontario, focuses on teaching individuals to read the signs that their bodies give them, and showing a path in honoring and respecting themselves.

With a lifetime of experience with the healing path, Laura’s first professional profession was in the medical field — Records Technology. A Reiki Master, she boosts her intuitive massage abilities with energy healing. See her home page Niagara Falls Reflexology, Energy Healing, and Reiki or read about Laura Canal, Reflexologist. To see the range of her experiences and meditations, read some essays in her blog, including a Spotlight article about her from Spiritual Niagara’s Newsletter.

Reflexology is an insightful, effective healing modality. Our body is a complicated inter-related network, and some conditions can be observed through the feet. Many of Miles of Smiles’ clients who’ve experienced her reflexology sessions say she can highlight things elsewhere in their physical body or in their emotions or spiritual body. Her attentive therapeutic touch can heal those conditions. Read About Reflexology and see some of the Testimonials and good feedback clients have said about her work. Laura’s also a certified Reiki Master. Read more about this form of energy healing, About Reiki.

Laura also facilitates regular classes in Niagara Falls on topics such as guided meditations, craft workshops, introductions to the techniques of Reflexology, or fire-side classes and foot-soaks. Read about these at her Calendar and in her Under the Oak Tree classes.

Reflexology is more than just a good massage for the feet — give Miles of Smiles a try! Her treatments are given at the Spiritual Spa in The Falls on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Reduced-price promo days are also given every other Tuesday. See more at her website Miles of Smiles.