My Mission and Motto


Through fitness, I will guide everyone to achieve a new lifestyle, as well as bringing out the warrior they are within.


Success is a state of mind. There is nothing you cannot achieve, all you have to do is simply believe.

Fitness takes a lot of dedication, determination and discipline to achieve your goals. The main seven virtues of Bushido, the samurai’s code of honor and morals, are what’s most important.

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Do you want a lifestyle that’s just “okay,” or you want a life that you can be proud of, and at the end of the day, feel proud of. I also look at spirituality in the same way. Do you know that most samurai were also Buddhists? That the famous martial-artist Shaolin Monks are Zen Buddhists? That the Persian Empire were Zoroastrians? Do you know that the military-expert Spartans praised the Greek gods, or even that the Roman gladiators worshipped the Roman gods? You can see how spirituality ties into being a true warrior. History’s greatest warriors had a belief in a higher power.

We are destined to believe in something greater, and how it directly relates to being a great warrior. I don’t care what you believe, because that’s not really the point — every person believes in something, even if they don’t know it, and to believe in something greater than oneself is the test of a true warrior. You must stay positive through the tough times and never forget why you want to change your life. And if you can be a warrior in your life, you are already becoming on step closer to become the champion in your own life.

What I want to be able to achieve with everything I plan on doing, is to make strong, healthy, positive warriors. You all deserve to be warriors in your own life. I want to achieve this objective because I see the potential in all of humanity. The ability to rise up and accomplish your dreams. Whether you are 18 or 80 it makes no difference, it is all a set system, humanity is designed to accomplish many great things in this life. The only thing that counts, and I cannot stress it enough, is your mindset. If you say you can’t or that you don’t deserve it, you’ll never evolve and attain that next level status.

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My mission is to train anyone who wishes to attain a whole new level of their lives. I’m not talking about being the strongest in the world, to be able to backflips, to actually be able to fight for hours straight. No, I will make you the best you that you can possibly become! It’s a life-long journey, but it is worth it. It doesn’t necessarily matter who you are, or how old you are. What matters most is what you want, and how bad do you want it, and do you want it bad enough that you would do anything to get it? Is your mind in such a place that you’d be willing to endure the hardest of hardships to be able to get it?

I love people who wake up in the morning and are so amped up that they feel like kings or queens of the world. That they can do anything. You are only limited by what you believe, you can become a superhero if you want to. Success is determined by two things: your determination, and is your mind telling you to quit. Success is actually very simple. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to succeed? Do you believe in yourself enough?